About Vestibular Jobs and Courses

What you need to know about vestibular jobs!

This service was made possible by the Asheville Balance & Vestibular Center located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

Although Asheville, NC is home to hundreds of magnificent waterfalls and attracts thousands of tourists each year, it remains a relatively rural community and lacks the employment opportunities found in larger communities. It does not however, lack patients suffering from balance and vestibular disorders.

About Vestibular JobsWe wanted to provide a way for people to find out about vestibular jobs, but more, a way to connect them to employers.  After spending many months trying to find a vestibular therapist to add to her practice, Dr. Kimberly Fox, DPT approved the development of a job marketplace specifically designed to connect employers and providers specializing in balance and vestibular disorders. In the Fall of 2014, VestibularJobs.com was completed and a much needed professional resource came to life. Now there is an online community that can provide employment opportunities for physical therapists with a specialty in balance and vestibular assessment and treatment of patients suffering from vestibular disorders.

Thank you for taking the time to for helping to support organizations such as the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA). The best providers are simply the ones who care enough to keep fighting for their patients!