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Virtualis, is a dynamic and innovative global rehabilitation health technology company founded in 2015 by a renowned French Vestibular Physiotherapist, Franck Assaban. Our product solutions focus on immersive virtual reality and force plate technology to improve people’s quality of life. Originally established for the treatment of patients with visual motion sensitivity, products have since expanded to include the assessment and treatment of all vestibular dysfunctions. Most recently, Virtualis was the first in the world to integrate immersive virtual reality with motion simulator technology. Our products are used by many physiotherapists, functional rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and clinical practices around the world. Virtualis has also won numerous international awards for innovative solutions to the management of balance and mobility disorders. The U.S. entity, Virtualis VR Corp, was established in 2019 and the business is quickly expanding its footprint in the United States. Clinicians, researchers, and academics can now “see beyond reality” with the most innovative therapeutic virtual reality and force plate technology product solutions on the market to help treat their patients.

Company Values:

  • Innovation
  • Proximity
  • Expertise
  • Responsiveness
  • Commitment

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  • Team Spirit
  • Conviviality
  • Caring
  • Agility
  • Excellence

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