Vestibular Disorders and Treatments

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There are different kinds of vestibular disorders which can plague people from inner ear or brain sensory issues to age-related dizziness and imbalance. There are surprisingly, many different classifications of disorders ranging from labyrinthitis to enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome. These vestibular disorders must be properly diagnosed by a doctor experienced with vestibular disorders and treated by a vestibular rehabilitation therapist.

If you’re a person who is experiencing vestibular disorders, the first thing you will need to do is to┬álearn more about the specifics of your disorder. Doing so can have a positive impact on managing and treating your symptoms. Not only that, you’ll find it easier to communicate with everyone in general making your life easier. Vestibular issues can also arise from sport injuries, but can also occur for no apparent reason. Sports-related injuries seem to top the list when it comes to causes among younger people. This is mostly caused due to concussions. Of course, as people age, there are issues surrounding age-related imbalance which take precedence.